Citizen Police Academy Alumni of Aurora


The Citizen Police Academy Alumni of Aurora (CPAAA) mission is to assist the Aurora Police Department (APD) by promoting and enhancing the relationship between the community and the APD through continuing law enforcement education of our members and the community by supporting and promoting special projects that strengthen the services provided by the APD.

The CPAAA supports the APD by volunteerism, fostering the belief that preservation of public welfare is the duty of every citizen. As a citizen group, we will offer a helping hand to our community to improve our quality of life. We will assist the APD in developing and coordinating various projects that are meaningful, rewarding experiences for our community.


  • Monthly Meetings
  • Join Aurora Policemen Credit Union
  • Community
  • Knowledge


Citizen Police Academy Alumni of Aurora’s will be participating in the Plane Pull for Special Olympics Illinois on September 30, 2023. In the process will be competing against APD Officers in raising money.

The Plane Pull features the ultimate tug-of-war competition! They we will test their strength by pulling an United Airlines 737, weighting more than 95,000 lbs. – 12 feet as fast as possible. That’s right, the plane weighs nearly 48 tons!

Support the team by joining them the morning of the event and cheer both teams APD and CPAAA on Sept 30, at O’Hare airport at 8:20 a.m. at the opening ceremonies.

You can also show your support by helping the team raise funds for this worthwhile cause, here is the link to their team page.


APD’s Newest K9 Bloodhound – Sadie Mae and handler Officer Grant Weil

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