Law Enforcement Youth Academy

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The LEA Program is a 7-week program designed for youth 14-18 years in age, who have the desire to learn about the law and given the opportunity to interact with police officers, attorney’s, deputies, special agents (FBI, DEA), judges, city council and speak with the elected officials e.g. Kane County State’s Attorney, Mayor of the City of Aurora, Kane County Sheriff, as well as the Chief of Police and Aurora Police Department Command Staff. The youth and their parent must attend and complete orientation that is required in order to attend the program with the program director, community policing officers and the school resource officer.

Upon completion of the 7-week program, the youth will attend a picnic sponsored by their parents and volunteers, complete community service, and be acknowledge at the LEA Graduation. To date, 310 youth have graduated from the Law Enforcement Youth Academy. This program has proven to be beneficial to the youth in our community by engaging them in the legal system, helping prevent the possible stereotypes of police officers, prosecutors etc. and by building a positive relationship with youth and our legal system. This program also provides our youth with the opportunity to further their goals in potentially becoming police officers, agents, judges and attorneys, as well as enlisting in the military to serve our country. The continued success of the program relies on support from the Aurora Police Department, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Kane County court system, and the community.

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The Youth Alumni Association
Since 2002, the Aurora Police Department in conjunction with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office and the Kane County States Attorney’s Office have worked to better Aurora’s youth through the Law Enforcement Youth Academy. By forming the Youth Alumni Association our agency will continue to work with those graduates who successfully completed the Kane County Youth Academy. Currently there have been over 300 youths who have graduated from this program. Numerous of these graduates as a result have become Aurora Police Cadets, Aurora Police Officers, served in our nation’s various branches of the military, attended law school, become teachers, nurses etc. The success stories are continue to grow.

Those eligible to be members of the Youth Alumni Association as those youths who successfully completed the Law Enforcement Youth Academy and are 20 years of age or younger. It is further recommended that any former graduates 21 years of age or older attend our department’s Citizen’s Police Academy to get a further, more in-depth view of the Aurora Police Department.

The Youth Alumni Association has meetings once a month, with these meetings consisting of various activities related to law enforcement, as well as physical conditioning, exercises on team building, developing life & work-related skills, mentoring, and taking part in community service. The alumni will exist and thrive for the purpose of building and enhancing strong, productive relationships between the youth and law enforcement. Aurora Police Officers, acting as mentors, will help provide these youth the guidance and direction to achieve their life’s dreams and potential career paths.

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For more information contact:
Area 2
Community Oriented Policing Officer

Ray Morris
Phone: 630-256-5394